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Insulating our buildings leads to economic benefits on both a macro and a micro scale energy supply security.

War, politics, increased demand from developing countries, even natural disasters, all pose a threat to supplies of fossil fuel in Europe, and this has become a concern for many countries who want to make sure that their sources of energy are secure.

Our current rates of demand cannot be met by alternative sources of supply such as wind or solar power, but if demand can first be reduced it then becomes possible to meet a greater proportion of it in this way, and therefore increase levels of both local and national energy security. The best way to reduce demand is through better use of insulation in buildings.

Job creation
The insulation industry creates many jobs, which in turn create wealth. As the demand for energy efficient buildings grows, so too will the number of jobs, not only in the construction of new buildings but also in upgrading our existing building stock.

Reduced energy bills
Whether you are a home owner or a business, having a well insulated building will save you money on your heating or cooling energy bills, freeing up income, helping to reduce fuel poverty and boosting the economy.

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